A PS4 Pro Update Coming to The Division

The number of active players have been increasing. So the developers at Ubisoft Massive are offering their fans who are currenty playing on an upgraded version of Sony's bestselling console called the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The Division: DirectX 12 Support To Arrive Next Week

Finally, DirectX 12 support will be coming next week to Ubisoft Massive's The Division. The upcoming patch for the PC version of the game that will release next week will add support for Microsoft's next generation API.

The Division Quick Phoenix Credits Loot Farming

Since the 1.0.2 update eliminating the Bullet King Loot Cave exploit, agents have been scouring the Dark Zone in Tom Clancy's: The Division

The Division Main Negative Review

The Division received thousands of pieces of user reviews on Steam in the past 30 days, surprisingly 84% of which were negative. VG247 reported that with only 16% of positive reviews recently

The Division special weapons List

Anyone that played the game’s open beta can attest that the gameplay in Tom Clancy’s The Division will be driven primarily by the quest to acquire the best loot possible. Loot will be acquired on missions

What's The Dark Zone in The Division

The Dark Zone is really the main selling point of The Division. Whereas the main game is player versus everything (PVE), the Dark Zone is both that and player versus player (PVP). It's a specific

How to farm Phoenix Credits for The Division

There are plenty of farming strategies for The Division, all with the end goal of the fabled High-End weapon drops. While farming the General Assembly mission and the currently unfixed exploit are still viable options

Where Can U find Phoenix Credits for The Division

As with any loot-heavy online video game, the real battle starts as soon as the player hits the endgame. Legendary items, high level enemies and the daily grind for better loot, the initial level cap is often just the beginning and Tom Clancy's The Division for PC, Xbox One and PS4 is no different.

What are Phoenix Credits and Where do U Spend It

Phoenix Credits are a form of in-game currency in The Division, reserved exclusively for players that have hit the level cap (currently level 30).

The Division Enemy Types and Factions

These guys have a secondary armour bar which needs to be depleted before you can actually cause them damage, so armour piercing mods are useful here.

Why The Division Developer Need to Be Given More Flexibility to Nerf Shit

I wanted to provide a perspective on the nerfs that I am sure that many of you will not appreciate, and that's fine. I fully understand and respect the plethora of views on this subject, as I know how much it sucks to have your favorite shit nerfed

Why Nerfing is Good in The Division

"Nerf! Nerf!" is the eternal cry on dev boards whenever something is perceived as being weakened by the game’s designers. Let us suspend disbelief for a moment and assume that for once the implementors of patches are not making a horrible mistake based on skewed misinformation about the way the game works,
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