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How to farm Phoenix Credits for The Division

There are plenty of farming strategies for The Division, all with the end goal of the fabled High-End weapon drops. While farming the General Assembly mission and the currently unfixed exploit are still viable options, the former only provides one yellow delight per team after Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bliss draws his last breath (leaving three disappointed combatants) and the latter requires a serious amount of time investment.




In short, farming Phoenix Credits is the endgame's main objective. While the named boss drop quantity has been decreased post-patch, a combination of tactically planned Landmark runs and Daily Missions is still your best option.

This can be done solo (if you are mad), but we recommend a team of four in a co-ordinated trek into the Dark Zone with friends. Random online matchmaking will suffice, but you will have to be on the same page.

Named bosses will spawn at the various Landmarks. Anywhere you see a purple fist on the map (or unmarked subway tunnels), you can find a named boss. If the Landmark is grey with a grey fist it has recently been cleared and looted by another party, although the respawn is alarmingly quick.

Further North into the Dark Zone the difficulty spikes, but your Dark Zone rank will increase faster and the chance of a High-End item dropping from the boss will be higher.