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The Division: DirectX 12 Support To Arrive Next Week

Finally, DirectX 12 support will be coming next week to Ubisoft Massive's The Division. The upcoming patch for the PC version of the game that will release next week will add support for Microsoft's next generation API, in addition to lowering performance impact with high CPU usage, fixing the issue that caused the loss of character controls, and fixing issues with controllers on PC.


The Division DIRECTX12 support


"This patch will also activate DirectX12 which should provide better optimization for higher resolutions," reads a Steam Community post. "Please note that there is a known issue with DirectX12 where you are not able to change the brightness." Moving forward, Massive says it remains determined to work through the game's Known Issues list.     


Ubisoft also announced that The Division will be receiving DirectX12 compatibility, which should provide better optimization for higher resolutions. The developer does note, however, that there is a known issue with DirectX12 that does not allow players to change the brightness.


The studio also plans to launch a second Elite Task Force to help test Patch 1.6 which will focus on the Dark Zone and PvP balancing. Sign up details can be found here, however It will be hosted at Red Storm in North Carolina between January 11-13. 


Hopefully, the DirectX 12 renderer will run well- the big issue that a lot of PC games have with DirectX 12 support is that the DirectX 12 versions of the game often end up running worse than the DirectX 11 versions. With Ubisoft having taken their time to implement support for the API here, let's hope that will not be the case with The Division.