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A PS4 Pro Update Coming to The Division

The number of active players have been increasing. So the developers at Ubisoft Massive are offering their fans who are currenty playing on an upgraded version of Sony's bestselling console called the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The Division: DirectX 12 Support To Arrive Next Week

Finally, DirectX 12 support will be coming next week to Ubisoft Massive's The Division. The upcoming patch for the PC version of the game that will release next week will add support for Microsoft's next generation API.

The Division Quick Phoenix Credits Loot Farming

Since the 1.0.2 update eliminating the Bullet King Loot Cave exploit, agents have been scouring the Dark Zone in Tom Clancy's: The Division

The Division Main Negative Review

The Division received thousands of pieces of user reviews on Steam in the past 30 days, surprisingly 84% of which were negative. VG247 reported that with only 16% of positive reviews recently

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