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Where Can U find Phoenix Credits for The Division

As with any loot-heavy online video game, the real battle starts as soon as the player hits the endgame. Legendary items, high level enemies and the daily grind for better loot, the initial level cap is often just the beginning and Tom Clancy's The Division for PC, Xbox One and PS4 is no different.




There are a few ways to get your hands on the sought-after credits, but only some will become part of the daily loot process, here are the best ways to increase your total up to a maximum of 1000:

Challenging Mode
As soon as you hit the max level, replaying completed missions on the highest difficulty 'Challenging' will net you 30 Phoenix Credits. While some missions do not yield any credits (the loot preview in the bottom left on the level select will clue you in), this is the best way to grab enough credits to afford an early High-End gun.

As a one off, you can trade Uplay points for 30 Phoenix Credits if you can stand dipping your fingers into the swamp of nonsense that is Uplay.

Daily Challenges
Challenges are an online loot-em-up's best friend and it is no different in The Division. There are three Daily Challenges that involve replaying missions on hard or challenging difficulty levels for better rewards. Each completed Challenge will net you 20 Phoenix Credits, although this is a one time deal and cannot be farmed.

Each day three new missions will be selected and are easy to spot as they will have a white circle around the individual icons on the mission select screen.

Note: Keep an eye out for expected Weekly Challenges too.

Defeating Named Enemies
This method has actually been nerfed in a recent update and is definitely not as lucrative as it was following the game's launch.

Rather than 10-15 Phoenix Credits for every kill of a named 'boss', this has now been dropped to a measly 2-3, although in all honesty this has brought some much needed balance to the game (along with the Midas gun nerf).

Update: As of patch 1.0.2 named bosses can no longer be farmed.
Update 2: Update 1.1: Incursions has brought in new ways of gaining Phoenix Credits with the Falcon Lost 'raid' and Daily/Weekly Assignments. The latter in particular is a quick way of obtaining daily credits.