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What are Phoenix Credits and Where do U Spend It

What are Phoenix Credits
Phoenix Credits are a form of in-game currency in The Division, reserved exclusively for players that have hit the level cap (currently level 30).




They can be spent on a variety of key items, including gear, mods, materials, blueprints, Dark Zone keys, and outfits and cosmetic items. You can also use them to buy standard Superior weapons for casual PvE play.

For the PvP players hunting their prey in the Dark Zone however, Phoenix Credits are the simplest way of obtaining High-End weapons after reaching level 30.

While not obvious at first, the weapons and other items obtainable from the two vendors which trade in Phoenix Credits are often actually level 31 (or for gear, power level 31) in rank, giving astute players an advantage in combat. To check the actual level of an item, if you scroll down in the description while at a vendor it lists both the level requirement and the item's own level (confusingly the large number at the top is the level requirement, confusing many rookie Agents).

Where do I spend Phoenix Credits?
There are two Phoenix Credit-specific vendors currently flaunting their High-End wares in The Division, with the corresponding items listed with an orange phoenix symbol.

Once you reach the endgame, the Tech Wing (which you should be upgrading throughout for the Perk and Skill Rewards) in the Base of Operations will be home to a new NPC, called the Special Gear Vendor, who trades in Phoenix Credits for those at the level cap. His stock is decent, especially for cosmetic stuff and early-endgame gear, but there is another vendor who holds the best spoils.

In the Saferoom in DZ 6, in the North of the Dark Zone, you will find the main source of High-End goodies. The catch? As well as needing be Level 30, you will also have to have a Dark Zone ranking of 50 to buy the best equipment.