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The Introducing the B.L.I.N.D Gear Set of The Division Update 1.3

Ubisoft offered an in-depth look at The Division’s upcoming Underground DLC during Microsoft’s recent E3 press conference on Monday. Not only did we see the new expansion, the developer also unveiled a heap of new loot.

Those in attendance got a chance to sit down with the DLC and tinker with the new gear sets releasing with the new update. Among them is the B.L.I.N.D gear set, prominently focused on status effects towards the enemy and defense against them.

The Division B.L.I.N.D Gear Set Bonuses
2-Piece Bonus – +100% Pulse critical hit damage
3-Piece Bonus -+100% Blind/Deaf Resistance
4-Piece Bonus – Killing a target creates a flashbang effect at that position.

The 2-piece bonus could be a favorite among players equipping SMGs now that Ubisoft Massive plan to implement significant weapon balancing in the new update.

The weapon class will lose that critical hit chance and will be replaced with critical hit damage, changing how you build your gear around the use of SMG’s.

The max Blind/Deaf Resistance that comes with a 3-piece isn’t groundbreaking considering the small number of encounters gamers have with flash bangs. However, the 4-piece bonus can be influential when dealing with a vast number of enemies.

However, the 4-piece bonus can be influential when dealing with many enemies. Killing one will cause a flashbang effect to take place, given you some extra time.

At this time, it’s unknown if the radius of the 4-piece bonus will be substantial, or if Ubisoft plans to limit the number of flashbang drops.

Guess we’ll know once the Underground expansion launches on Xbox One first this June 28th. Due to Ubisoft’s exclusivity deal with Microsoft, the DLC will launch on PlayStation 4 and PC in August.