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The Division Dark Zone Tricks by division-powerleveling

The Division’s Pvp/PvE blended dark zone area is one of the best parts of the game so far. Even though it can be intimidating for some players, the dark zone is a home to thousands of powerful gears and enemies. In order to reach the Dark Zone, you have to beat the story mode and pass the level cap. This means that only a skilled and dedicated player will find himself into this PvP/PvE- fest area. Survival in this zone depends on not only skills but also a few tricks. Here are some tips that will help you survive in the PvP battle zone.

Maximize on Grenades
Being a bullet sponge sometimes compromises your level of effectiveness because it gives the enemies time to react and retaliate when attacked. You need to be effective as possible and ensure you take your enemy down at once. That is why it is important to inflict much damage as possible.

However, grenades can be your worst enemy or a good friend depending on how you effectively use them in Dark Zone. You need to make careful judgments at all times to avoid taking down a fellow player.

Use Proximity Chat Wisely
Proximity chat can get you killed if you are not careful with it. The feature allows you to speak to other players outside your group provided they are within the vicinity. A loose lip can sink a ship. Hence, the best way to approach this is to follow other groups and tap in on their conversations. For example, if you pick up a precious item, don’t go around boasting to your friends until it is extracted into the base.

Only Go Rogue If You are Ready to Fight
In Dark Zone, rogue players are viciously hunted by other players because of a huge bonus loot placed on their head. There is also a large skull on their heads making them easy to locate at all times. In case you decide to go rogue, expect to be relentlessly hunted by a swarm of enemies baying for your blood. You need to be ready to fight them off and survive.

Extract Your Loot Very Fast
Some of the yellow bags that you pick as a loot may actually be a trap set by your enemies in the Dark Zone. In case you pick up any loot, rush to the extraction point as quickly as possible because that piece can only be yours if it is taken to the base

Find Friends
No man is an island. If you don’t have a death wish and only want to survive in Dark Zone, find a decent group to stick around with. Numbers influence the level of safety in Dark Zone. Due to the combat high levels experienced in this area, going as a lone ranger is like strolling in a park full of hungry lions. You won’t make it too far.

Know where the Safe Houses Are
Safe rooms are quite essential when you want to take a break or replenish ammunition. You can always find nearby safe houses expanded on the map. From there, you can regroup with your squad and restock your weapons and the medical packs.

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