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Ubisoft Release Sizable List of Known Issues for the Division



This isn't counting the problem affecting PC players since patch 1.2 which has been deleting characters, much like how Xbox One players saw their characters disappear after patch 1.1.


Ubisoft has released the list of known issues on its forums. Here's the list of what users have been reporting:


  • UI overlapping itself, creating a double effect
  • Graphical distortion
  • Mark as junk not working
  • Item DZ rank requirement change
  • One is None can jam weapons
  • Teleporting back to a checkpoint when entering a specific location in DZ06
  • Daily missions not resetting
  • Daily missions are a source of recurring problems for The Division, sometimes they go missing, sometimes they don't reset.


Ubisoft previously said it would be making sure the 1.2 update would be "rock-solid."