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Tips and Tricks help you survive and succeed in starting of The Division

The Division plays much like a standard third-person shooter, but has many elements of an MMO / RPG. Keep these things in mind during your first few play sessions

One of the ways The Division differs from other RPGs is that instead of earning new skills and abilities by earning XP and leveling up, players unlock new abilities and perks by improving and expanding their Base of Operations.

This means that when you build a new wing of the Medical ward, you'll unlock a new healing skill (and potentially a new perk or two). Earning XP is valuable, however, as you can use better weapons and gear after reaching higher levels.

Despite requiring an online connection, The Division can be played either entirely on your own or with a group of up to three friends. The difficulty of the game scales based on how many people are playing together, meaning that if you're playing as a Lone Wolf you'll have an easier experience than if you were in a full four-person fireteam.

When replaying a mission on Hard, the difficulty is increased considerably. It is advised that you bring at least one team member with you when replaying a mission on higher difficulty.

Remember that you can only be revivied if you have a partner and that there are no AI partners that you can have. Go down solo and you will have to restart from the checkpoint.

When you need to switch from cover fast you can aim your screen towards the cover and hold the A button. This lets you beeline for the cover and minimizes the time you are exposed to enemy fire.

If you are in a group, one person can use a LMG to suppress the enemy in their cover. This allows you to move up and flank them, attacking them at their sides.

When an enemy is suppressed they cannot peak above the cover and fire back allowing people to move around without fear of being shot at as long as some is still shooting in the enemy's cover.

If an enemy lobs a grenade in your direction, or you're suppressed by heavy fire, you can double-tap the Cover button to perform a dodge-roll to quickly evade incoming damage. This is particularly useful when moving across open spaces between cover.

Keep in mind though that, due to the fact you you have to press the Cover-button. You will automaticaly go towards a cover if you are close enough making it annoying for directing where you want to go.

In the general open world (not the Dark Zone), the weapons you see dropped will be different from those that your squad members find. Not only is the loot instanced, but each weapon has a randomly rolled set of stats and attributes.