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The Division Security Skills Guide

The Ballistic Shield skill is exactly what it sounds like. Your character immediately equips a shield that covers most of their body. The shield takes a set amount of damage before it’s destroyed, or you can remove the shield manually using the same notation with which you activated it. Be warned, while the shield is active you can only use your handgun.


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Mod: Reactive Targeting - This mod causes any hostile who shoots at your shield to have the effect of the Pulse medical skill. It works well if you don’t have anyone in your party with the Pulse skill, or if you have prioritized Ballistic Shield over Pulse, but still want some of the benefits of Pulse. It’s not a replacement for Pulse, but it can help to keep Pulse active in the midst of a firefight.

Mod: Assault Shield - The Assault Shield mod basically enhances your handgun while the shield is active. It increases damage, accuracy and knockback, while also giving you faster reload times. This works well if you’re going for a more offensive team composition, but still want the defensive capabilities of the Ballistic Shield.

Mod: Kinetic Breaker - Using this mod turns a small amount of incoming damage into health. It won’t have a huge impact on a battle, but if you’re running without a medic, or if the medic’s healing abilities are on cooldown, this can keep you alive long enough to make it through the fight. This is the best mod option for players looking to create a tanking build with the Ballistic Shield.

Master: Self-Healing Armor - The master mod can theoretically give you an unlimited shield. After a short time without taking damage the shield will slowly heal. More often than not you’re going to take enough damage to destroy the shield, especially if you’re going with a tanking build. However, if you want more protection as a medic (perhaps in a party with three DPS builds and no tank), it’s not out of the question to see this mod making the shield last an infinite amount of time.