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The Division Guide: How to Get a Top Tier Build

One Redditor develops an astounding Agent build for The Division, which allows his character to dole out almost 300K damage per second, higher than almost any other build.


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Now that the 1.2 update for The Division has been around for a week or so, players have had plenty of time to scramble around for new gear sets and attempt to maximize their Agent builds. While many players are likely comfortable with their updated builds by now, we expect very little could compete with this top tier build for The Division found on Reddit, as it reaches almost 300k DPS, and we couldn't picture someone easily beating the build in the Dark Zone.


The Redditor who made the build, going by the online pseudonym of V0xmach1ne, has managed to cap his Agent's performance out with an impressive 294K damage per second, 293k toughness, and 18.7K Skill Power. Armor-wise, the Agent mostly uses gear sets from the 1.1 update, although 1.2 gear sets such as Lone Star are utilized, too.


As the player himself points out, although the build has an astounding DPS, the fact that his Agent uses the Vicious weapon talent means the the DPS actually drops by about 20K when the player takes damage. To counterattack this, V0xmach1ne uses an overheal simultaneously with Survivor Link to extend the amount of time the overheal comes into play. By the time the Survivor Link finishes, the Agent's self heal will be back up and the overheal will be ready again. He also uses Adrenaline and Combat Medic so that the medkits result in an overheal as well, allowing the player to maintain the Vicious weapon talent.


We've created many guides for players interested in maximizing the potential of their own builds, including the best builds for solo players, the top sniper builds, and even a handy list of the best Talents for each individual build. These builds are essential for those looking to survive in the Dark Zones of New York, which are the main appeal of the game until Ubisoft Massive delivers on its promise to add more content to the player-versus-environment portions of the city.


Despite how amazing the numbers behind the top tier build may seem, V0xmach1ne says there is plenty of room for improvement in his build, and we have little doubt the player will continue to prowl around for more 240-level gear score items. Assuming other players are able to find their characters, it might be a good time to hop online and secure themselves some gear, too.