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Division Ultra Tank Guide: To be a mobile cover for your team

After some testing and building / collecting needed parts we have (what i believe the tankiest "siht" out there) and we would like to share it with all of you guys looking to do some tanking. so we'll try to make it quick and short.

1.4P Tactician - we need that 4p set talent and as long as you have around 25K skill power when you're max or near the max buff you will cap all you skills with decent stats on the base skill power aswell.
2.2P Final meassure - 50% EDR will help a lot


All you need in this build is stamina. Plenty of stamina.
1.Armor: mod slot / armour / stamina
2.Mask: mod slot / skill power / stamina
3.Kneepads: mod slot / armour / stamina
4.Backpack: mod slot / armour or skill power / stamina
5.Gloves: chc / chd / your primary dmg
6.Holster: 3 stats / mod slot / armour Thanks shabashaly for pointing that out

The aim is to get as much armour from the base stats of your gear as you can and utilize the rest of you free mod slot spaces to increase you stamina further.
First you equip mods with +armour and the finalize with +er, +performace mods or any other that fits your gamestyle

It actually doesnt matter. You won't be procing the talents most of the time anyway so i would focus on look for a good 3rd stats since it's free. Whatever suits you. I would focus on deadly, brutal, destructive, capable etc.
Right now im running with MP5 ST and i have a decent amount of dmg if you compare it to my toughness and skill power.

First aid + overdose / Smart cover / Tactical link
You will do magic - or actually your team will do if they are playing with you. But i didn't have any problems with this build while playing solo in the same setup.
Pro tips:
1.Don't use combat medic (and tell it to you team aswell) since it's bugged and destroys smart cover
2.Dont waste ammo on shooting the guys with shield while playing with team. Instead focus on healing and helping and shooting enemies without shield.

First aid + overdose / Smart cover, bfb, pulse / Tactical link
You're a sponge. People will be really salty while you running around them and they can't kill you with their precious DPS builds . Focus on 1 person and try to assist your teammates or make a stand off while using smart cover. Alternative way of making a stand off is a nasty way to protect your ground while using your smart cover in an offensive way with Trapper it's nasty when you have 1 way in and you know that they will be covering there.

If you're more like a situational player and you don't like to plan your moves just run pulse. It's a huge increase in DPS for you and your teammates - and not so many people are using conceal.

Pvp is different for everybody but with that amount of toughness you can really focus on other skills and using them in a correct moment.


Get used to your build. You will do less more dmg than others (and that's actualy the biggest problem with this build) but if you get to know it you will destroy and help destroying everything around you (with the right amount of ER or additional mods you can even tank the big fatty flamethrower guy :) ).
Beware and don't be to rekless with this build. You will die with it aswell. It's not a remedy for your "dying" issues but used in a correct way could be a huge advantage over others.