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How to Get Superior Blueprints in The Division fast

In The Division, Superior quality items are the best items you can have prior to achieving max rank. High-end quality items are the only other quality level to surpass Superior items. However, High-end gear is only available upon reaching the end game and achieving the level 30 cap. Superior purple gear and weapons are the highest quality you can find up until the end game.

As you level up, Superior items will become available from loot drops and vendors throughout Manhattan. Due to their high quality, Superior items from vendors are often the most expensive. Since vendor stock refreshes daily, and loot drops tend to be random, these are not necessarily the most reliable methods for obtaining Superior items. Crafting Superior items from blueprints is a straightforward way to get Superior weapons and gear without having to spend your hard-earned Credits.

How to Get Superior Blueprints
As you explore the streets of Manhattan and discover districts, new Safe Houses and activities become available. Upon discovering a new Safe House, locate and scan the Situation Board or speak with a JTF officer to obtain the all of the side missions and encounters within that district.

Bring up your map to review the nearest side missions. Completing all of the side missions within a district can reward you with a purple Superior blueprint for specific weapons or gear. Plus, the side missions themselves often grant blue Specialized blueprints as well. After completing the side missions for a district, return to the Safe House in that district and speak with the JTF officer to obtain your Superior blueprint reward.

While all of the districts reward blueprints upon completing their local side missions, only specific districts will grant Superior blueprints. Superior blueprints tend to be awarded in the higher level districts to the east. Each blueprint also has its own set level requirement for the item.

For Superior weapon blueprints, complete the side missions in the Times Square, Flatiron, Kips Bay, and Midtown East districts. For Superior gear blueprints, finish up the side missions in Hell’s Kitchen and Gramercy. Superior mod blueprints can be obtained from completing the side missions in Clinton and Stuyvesant. A Superior Performance Gear Mod blueprint is available for finishing the side missions in Turtle Bay.

Superior blueprints, weapons, and gear are also available from certain vendors throughout the game. Vendors within the Dark Zone entrances and Dark Zone Safe Houses sell Superior weapons and other items, but the player usually needs to be a certain DZ rank before purchasing these items.

If you want to bypass crafting and simply purchase Superior weapons, there is an Advanced Weapons Vendor in the Base of Operations who only deals in Superior quality weaponry. Upgrade the Armory section of the Security Wing to unlock this vendor.

Once you have obtained several blueprints, head over to the Crafting Station inside the Base of Operations to see what supplies are needed to craft your Superior item. Blueprint items can be crafted multiple times, provided you meet the resource requirements. Check out USGamer’s guide on how to craft weapons and gear in The Division to familiarize yourself with the crafting process.

Keep in mind that each blueprint has its own level requirement. If you haven’t reached a high enough level to wield a particular Superior item, you can always craft the item and leave it in your Stash to equip at a later time.