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Great tips and tricks to farm loot and Phoenix credit

Ubisoft has been trying their best to get rid of the bugs and glitches in their recently released game, The Division, but glitch abusers will always apper. One fix will always lead to another glitch being born, and some game bugs can't be fixed. Welcome to buy The Division phoenix credits on division-powerleveling.com, we will level your charactor in a short time.

A new way to farm for glorious loot has appeared and it may look like a lot of steps, but once you get it down its easy to do over and over again.

Here are the steps per Kotaku's write-up:
Before you begin: Make sure your scavenging stat is maxed.

Get a full team of high-level players and start the Russian Consulate level on Challenging difficulty.

Fight all the way to the final battle in the courtyard. Once at the courtyard, kill the first few enemies but don't go into the courtyard. (very specicifc, it's around 1:00 in the video).

Once the first few enemies are dead, three players need to go to the street that led you to the the courtyard while one player stays behind.

The players outside set up mobile cover as per the videos description, which allows them to pass through the fence and into the courtyard.

The single player that stayed runs through the courtyard to the mobile cover the other players set up, passing back out and onto the street. The battle continues inside the courtyard.

Fight and kill the boss, Hornet from behind the cover.

One player walks up to the fence while the others stay back. That player needs to die so the game thinks everyone in the instance died. The battle will reset and that player will warp back inside.