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The Division is Becoming Whole with the Update 1.2

On Tuesday, Ubisoft Massive revealed some important details regarding Update 1.2 for Tom Clancy's The Division, also known as Conflict. Bundled in with the promised fixes to bugs and glitches, the developer will drop a brand new Incursion and many other features along with.




A step in the right direction? Most definitely, who doesn't love free content, but it will only temporary numb the anger many in the community feel towards the game. This week, in particular, has been a tough one for The Division with a substantial number of trouble-makers making their way back to the cover shooter after serving their two-week ban.


As expected, message boards and forums are flooding with fed-up gamers complaining about wall-hacking and getting blasted in DZ01 from some nutjob in DZ06.


Among the growing pains, update 1.2 does hold a beacon of light and it brings back a portion of the game left untouched by many weeks after the game's launch.


We're talking about the expansive area outside the confines of the Dark Zone and its merry posse of hackers. For those who played the game vigorously after release will have cleared the various side missions and encounters for the sheer fun of it, or to pick up that particularly easy trophy/achievement.




With the release of Conflict, Ubisoft is bringing HVT(high-value target) mechanics into the fold and confine them to areas outside the Dark Zone. Finally, players can traverse the pandemic streets of Manhattan without fear of getting killed by other players and focus completely on defeating these high-level targets.


Details of the mode are scarce at the moment but will ask players to collect intel before facing the main target, meaning it will send you to many different areas of manhattan beforehand.


There is one downside, players must complete all side missions and encounters before they can access the HVT missions from the NPC in the Base of Operations. This is bad news for those who wanted to leave missions aside if the level cap was ever to be raised.


Either way, it's a step in the right direction by Ubisoft to get the full shilling out of The Division's vast city. Hopefully, a good response from the community on the mode will spur the developer to invest more time into creating new ways to explore the more detailed and intriguing areas of Manhattan.


Update 1.2 for The Division is set to release on May 24th on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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