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Final Fantasy XIV: Here Are The Highlights For Patch 4.1

A slew of information on Final Fantasy XIV was posted by director Naoki Yoshida and Main Scenario writer Natsuko Ishikawa. Including patch 4.1, pre patch 4.1 will see small scale updates. More ways to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling, at FFXIV4GIL, we take the fastest way and the cheapest price so that you get Gil.
Here Are The Highlights For Patch 4.1
No story prepared for beyond Savage.
Compared to before, a lot of people are clearing the tier. 
A group chat-ish feature will see its implementation on patch 4.2. 
Swimming related contents, if any, will revolve more on 4.0 areas instead.
This content mode is going to be the hardest of all since he joined the team. 
On jump potions, it is not as used that much as people would have thought. 
The difficulty is roughly about the same as the second coil of bahamut savage. 
Though on the subject of making items stack-able up to 999, they couldn't make it for patch 4.1.
There might be plans to implement upgrades to your weathered job quest equipment in the future. 
4.1 will see friend list registration on different servers, along with tell feature usable cross server.
4.1 content feature in the upcoming pll may be introduced almost without holding back, so all of it will be disclosed. 
NGC crafting committee might create a whole load of original quests for the upcoming 14 hour broadcast. 
Banri Oda wrote the story for Ala Mhigo up to Kugane, while Natsuki Ishikawa did mainly on the eastern side of the stories.
Whether adding more language support to the game or not. According to Yoship, the risk of adding too many language may breakdown the scenario team as the result, and not to mention they have to rely on may other translation companies in order to get them out. For full details, visit here: