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FFXIV Two Character Class: Both Types Of Characters Are Very Exciting

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood takes us to the classic fantasy environment in the basic game. The game has plenty of fun for long months, which with the new add-on can be deserved to occupy its deserved place among the greatest. We have collected full news and guides for the FFXIV Stormblood, with maps and screenshots, view more at here.



From the graphics, the developers made the most of the old-fashioned engine, which is not even shaken even in coarse-moving videos. Sometimes it can be seen that his knife has fallen into the outline of a more complex facial expression, but even this remembers the impeccable sync of our accompanying characters. 


The Final Fantasy series has always been strong in spectacle and music. Each new area introduces itself to a wonderful music deposit. In addition of this, Final Fantasy XIV has added two character classes to the game. The Samurai and the Red Mage are level 50 independent jobs, which means they can be added to an existing character of at least 50 characters. 


The Samurai melee warrior, a light armor swordmaster who combines three types of elemental power attacks can capture enormous and spectacular strikes against his opponents. The Red Mage is a kind of mage who, unlike the others, does not even shake it if he needs to rub his hand. Both types of characters are very exciting and carry a lot of never seen mechanics while they know the best cast of stories in Final Fantasy XIV. Definitely recommend FFXIV4GIL to anyone looking to purchase Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling.