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The complete guide to secure container | Escape from Tarkov

The comprehensive guide to secure the planet of Escape From Tarkov is usually brutal for players. When you die in a raid, the products you occur to become carrying are subject to looting by other players. This can be the gameplay loop of Tarkov-raid, loot, escape. Escape From Tarkov contains an "insurance" mechanic that could enable you to shield your home from permanent loss. Additionally, it is possible to store your most important stuff inside a protected container that can maintain them from becoming lost to you forever. In this guide, we'll teach you how to get Safe Containers in Escape from Tarkov so you'll be able to preserve your most valuable goods safe. 

Escape From Tarkov's permanent loss of gear in death could appear strict, but players can save their most significant loot with closed containers. Using these containers will create a significantly less stressful situation when high-quality loot is found within the game. One hundred percent guarantee is supplied by safe containers like Alpha, Beta, or Gamma Container - you are going to not drop your products in a safe container even just after the death of the character. You'll get one secure container starting from the game. Its capacity will rely on the edition of the game you purchased, but you could buy much better containers from other players in Flea Market. You can not hide weapons or armor in safe containers, but you may store ammunition, money, grenades, or things necessary to finish the mission. This way, even immediately after a failed raid, you can earn roubles tarkov or complete quests for Tarkov NPCs.

What are the functions and makes use of insurance?

Just before deploying on a raid, you have the choice of insuring the following inventory slots: earpiece, headwear, face cover, armband, physique armor, eyewear, sling, on back, holster, sheath, and tactical rig. There's a handy "insure all" button that you could click to cover them all at once. And we recommend doing this before every raid you embark on. Any loot which is insured will have a gold shield icon on it, and you cannot guarantee an item that's currently covered, so do not worry about paying additional income by accident.

If you die with insured things or if an enemy player picks up those things off your corpse and doesn't extract them, they'll be returned to you immediately after some time has passed. In the event you run out of time and are wearing insured things, then you'll drop them forever. As a result of this, you'll need to ensure you do not have something equipped that is insured when the timer hits zero. Dropping them on the ground for the duration of the last 30-40 seconds is a safe way to guarantee your gear returns to you. In addition, your gear won't be returned in case you either die or drop these things within the Lab.


How many kinds of secure containers and how do get them?

You will discover presently five closed containers available in Escape From Tarkov, one getting offered to the player automatically when starting the game. Applying these containers is very important to progressing security through the game and saving precious products that will be identified throughout the maps. Listed here are all the existing containers and exactly where to seek out them. Anytime a high-quality item or weapon has been looted in-game, basically location it within the inventory spaces from the secured container and feel at ease being aware of that item is protected regardless of what.


Secure container Kappa

  • Size: 4×3 grid.
  • Source: Full the quest "The Fence" for The Collector. Complete the Collector quest from the Fence.

Safe container Gamma

  • Size: 3×3 grid.
  • Source: Available to individuals who personal the "Edge of Darkness" edition of Escape From Tarkov. It is integrated into the Edge of Darkness edition pre-order.


Secure container Epsilon

  • Size: 4×2 grid.
  • Source: Full the quest "The Punisher" for Prapor. Complete The Punisher Aspect 6 Questline supplied. (Prapor Quests Guide)


Secure container Beta 

  • Size: 3×2 grid.
  • Source: Sold by the Peacekeeper merchant and included in the Prepare for Escape edition pre-order, sold by Level 4 Peacekeeper. (Peacekeeper Quests Guide)


Secure container Alpha

  • Size: 2×2 grid.
  • Supply: This can be the default container that your character starts with. Included in the Typical and Left Behind edition pre-orders and sold by Level 3 Peacekeeper.



Finally, players can commit "Insurance Fraud" by hiding their insured gear someplace on the map. This can be ordinarily performed when players locate much better equipment out within the wild but still want to hold the things they have. By way of example, if you have an insured helmet but uncover a much better single, hide the insured helmet someplace, so it returns right after the match. Even though you don't extract, that insured helmet will return to you within a day or two. The above is the complete guide to secure containers, and I hope this guide provides players with useful information.