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Longshot For Madden NFL 18

The Electronic Arts E3 Los Angeles Conference opens with one of the most popular sports in the United States, we are obviously talking about American football and the company's top title for this sport: Madden NFL 18.



The novelty for the new chapter of the series will be a story mode similar to last year's FIFA 17. The movie, which you find at the end of the news, shows the rise in the most famous league of a boy's sport and his quest for success.


Longshot, this is the subtitle of this new chapter, will allow the player to follow the career of Devin Wade, who will come to play for the University of Texas to follow his way to the National Football League.


Getting on the cover of the game may seem like a dream come true, but in the case of the NFL Madden series, American football players have rather wrinkles on their faces. In the end, however, it seems that the star sportsmen can be calm again.


This year's NFL Madden 18 received a quaterback from New England Patriots, Tom Brady. However, according to an infamous curse, he is expected to wait for an unsuccessful season, but in the end he seems to be able to stay calm. Developers looked at statistics, and the curse is ultimately a reputation rather than a real threat.


Players who have fallen on their hits on the top of their favorite games are roughly the same as those who have once again experienced a starring season. In the overwhelming majority, however, footballers followed more or less average performances. In the final there is nothing to worry about.


The Madden NFL 18 was released a few days ago and offers additional advanced features in the Madden Ultimate Team. First of all, players can enjoy the use of Frostbite engine, which, as the authors themselves claim, the NFL Madden will be better than ever. Are you excited to know the big update currently? It must be a pleasant journey. Just gather cheap mut 18 coins for sale on Madden-Store to start your wonderful experience.