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The News Of ESO Horns Of The Reach Will Hit In August

The Elder Scrolls Online allows you to test free all available add-ons and ESO Plus membership for Sunday. The creators in turn announce the news that will hit in August with the add-on - Horns of the Reach.


The Elder Scrolls Online will get another DLC in August. Fans will be able to buy it through the Crown Store's internal store. If you pay for ESO Plus membership you will receive it for free of course. The new expansion will introduce two new dungeons and another map to PvP modes.



The Elder Scrolls Online will be expanded by two dungeons that will come to you with three companions. The first site will be called Bloodroot Forge and will be an ancient, long forgotten forge. Legends say that it was created years ago by Daedric prince Hircine. The place is able to forge weapons of unimaginable power.


The second dungeon is Falkreath Hold. It will be a city under siege, which is about to fall from hair because of the invasion of the horde led by Domihaus the Bloody-Horned. Our task is to infiltrate it and put an end to the monstrous leader.


On our way will be many new and friends of opponents trying to prevent us from reaching our goal. The creators mention here even the mighty minotaurs. Each dungeon will be available in normal form and in more difficult veteran variants. New players are waiting for players in the form of unique sets and achievements.


Battleground PvP mode will be enhanced with the new Arcane University arena. It will be a school located in the Imperial City (it will not require a separate addition to the Imperial City). Players will be able to use cunning teleports and high platforms to plan their attack on opponents.



The Elder Scrolls Online will also be upgraded to a new version that will improve the quality of the game itself. Users will be able to interrupt the action while the survey is running, the guild invite history will come. The change will also see the currency in the game and the developers will allow us to store Alliance Points and Writ Vouchers in the bank. Players will also be given the ability to personalize the accompanying colors for attacks to better identify them. The whole thing will also get patches in balance and errors.


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