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The Division Lone Star Gear Set Review

The DPS-focused Lone Star is among the new additions to The Division. Here's everything you need to know.



With the recent release of update 1.2 for The Division, the number of gear sets available in the game has increased by four.


In today's video, Alex takes the Lone Star set for a spin to highlight the best uses for it. Lone Star is designed first and foremost for players who like to dish out high damage at all times, without needing to worry about ammo consumption.


First things first, you can get two blueprints out of four from the special gear vendor at the base. The Clear Sky incursion also drops them, as well as the weekly high-value target missions.


The addition of the 100 ammo capacity in particular is very useful, and counteracts the effect the signature talent has on your ammo consumption. The full set also increases LMG and shotgun damage by 1000, though it's a bit wasted thanks to current state of LMGs and shotguns in the meta.


When you have the full set equipped you get a very unique bonus that fully restores weapon ammo as soon as you get it holstered. Watch the review for tips on how to best utilise this bonus.


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