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The Division: Historian High-End Marksman Rifle Review

The Historian is one of the new, named High-End weapons included with The Division 1.2 update today. Is it worth the Phoenix Credits? Find out.



A more in-depth video will be released for the weapon at another time, but for now, let's just take a quick look at it.


Based on the classic – not First Wave – MA1 Marksman rifle, the Historian can fire 300 rounds per minute and has a base magazine size of 10. But with an extended magazine it's quite easy to push it up to around 20.


Since it's an M1A, it's fast firing and has three mod slots. One each for the scope, muzzle and magazine. There's no grip option apparently. Being a Marksman rifle it comes with a headshot bonus which in this case sits at around 157%.


The Talents with this named weapon are:


  • Prepared – Damage is increased by 13.5% when over 40 meters from target. It requires a 2579 points in Fire Arms to unlock.
  • Intense – First bullet of a magazine has a 13% chance to apply On Fire Status Effect to the target. To unlock, you will need 1547 points in Fire Arms and 2579 points in Electronics.
  • Harmful – Each hit has a 13.5% chance to apply the Bleed Status Effect to the target. This is your active Talent so it's free.


In all, Arekkz wasn't too impressed with the weapon, calling it "another High-End named weapon to add to the trash pile." Especially since it will set you back 886 Phoenix Credits, those funds could be used to buy new items for the Gear Set.


As always, it's your choice. These reviews are just something for you to consider before spending your hard earned credits.


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